Expanding Our Mission

When one thinks of dangerous marine life in New York & New Jersey waters, sharks come right to mind. As history has proven this is true and different species of shark have been involved in contact with humans resulting in injury and occasional death. Great White, Hammerhead, Bull, Sand Tiger, and Mako sharks have all be documented to have caused injury in the New York Bight. But sharks are not alone in injuries in our waters. Other organisms also have resulted in human injury.

Some have caused problems by being toxic. When consumed they can cause sickness or death. Others burrow into the skin causing various levels of itch and pain. Still others are venomous and can leave a painful sting requiring medical attention. Mechanical injuries come from spines and spikes. The New Jersey Shark Attack File is expanding its mission to look at all these creatures that have caused bad human animal interactions. Over the next few weeks this blog will look at some of these dangers that lay in our waters.