Using Size to Find the 1916 Attack Culprit

When looking at Possible suspects for the attacks. There are several facts that can be drawn from the eye witness descriptions. One of these is of course size of the shark. The size of the shark in all attacks is fairly consistent at 9-10’.

When looking at sharks of New Jersey waters that reach this great size, it is surprising to see there are many. Even when you take the giant plankton feeding Basking Shark and Whale Share out of the mix the list is still long.

According to the Angler’s Guide to Sharks of the Northeastern United States Maine to Chesapeake Bay by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, many sharks reach this size with ease.

Great Hammerhead- 15’
Smooth Hammerhead – 14’
Scalloped Hammerhead- 13’
Thresher Shark-20’
Bigeye Thresher- 18’
Porbeagle- 10’
Mako- 12’
Great White- 36’
Lemon Shark- 10’
Blue Shark- 12’
Tiger Shark- 30’
White Tip Shark- 15’
Sickle Shark- 10’
Dusky Shark- 11’
Bull Shark- 12’
Sand Tiger- 10’

As can be seen, the list is pretty long, but by using size to find our culprit we, at least, have a starting point.