Summer of Conservation at the Jersey Shore

With summer coming to the Jersey Shore, it is time to start thinking of ways to save sharks. It will do us all good to spend some efforts on protecting the environment while we are stuck home to break the back of this terrible pandemic. Why save the sharks? Well that is easy, as predators they are at the top of our ocean food chain. They are indicators of the entire food web. A healthy population of predators is a great sign of a healthy ecosystem. Right now, here are some things we can work on to help protect these wonderful apex predators.

Only by responsibly caught, sustainable seafood. Sharks are killed by the millions as bi-catch for other seafood treats. Long line fishing kills sharks by the thousands as does netting. Support legislation that ensures minimal shark bi-catch for all seafood.

Use your consumer powers to stop the shark tooth and jaw trade on Ebay. The company is not doing anything to stop the sale of Great White and other jaws on teeth online. Many are coming from China. Write Ebay and tell them this must stop!

Support responsible seafood fishing limits. We need to keep our fish populations at a healthy level both to feed people, and to keep the entire ecosystem healthy.

Put an end to shark fishing tournaments and competitions that harvest the shark. The same enjoyment can be obtained by anglers by catch and release and tagging. Instead of killing, they can tag and help safe sharks. We can make shark tournaments that kill a think of the past, like foxhunts.

Let’s make this summer the summer of shark conservation on the Jersey Shore. By protecting sharks, we can protect our entire ocean environment.