Investigating the 1916 Jersey Shark Attacks

The shark attacks along the New Jersey Shore during the hot summer of 1916 are by far the most written about and studied shark incidents in history. So much has been written that I hesitated to add to the fray. But, with all that has been written much crucial evidence has been left out or ignored. I don’t feel any work on the subjects definitively answers the simple questions I have always asked myself. Was it one shark or more? What species was involved? What caused the attacks? And most of all will it happen again?

Much of the evidence is over a hundred years in the past and lost forever. As a trained forensic biologist, I approach the subject as a cold case. I am in effect investigating a multiple homicide perpetrated over a series of days. In a series of blogs we will follow this evidence train. Where will the evidence take us? Join me and see.

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