Another Suspect in the 1916 Attacks

Another shark was put up at the time as the culprit responsible for the attacks. This one was caught by Captain Thomas Cottrell.

Here are a few notes on the Cottrell Shark.HugeSharkCaptured

A photograph exists of the shark.

It was reported to be a Blue Nose or Diamond Tooth species ( Bull Shark)

It was caught at Latham’s Dock at the mouth of Matawan Creek

It was caught July 18, 1916 at 3 PM.

The tide was going out at the time.

The shark was netted and killed with an iron bar.

The fish was 7’ long and weighed about 200 Lbs.

The teeth were reported to be the “size of a needle and just as sharp”.

The shark was taken to Keyport, packed in ice, and put on display.

The mayor of Matawan awarded Cottrell a $100 reward and declared the shark to be the man-eater.

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