Largest Great White?

ca74db48a74a6bddab96e77ef36afa9b.image.1102x850What is the largest Great White Shark ever recorded? This is a question I will attempt to answer in a series of blog posts. In order to answer this question, we need to look at what is meant by the largest. Do we me length or weight? For many years it appears length as been the most recorded factor, each record striving for a longer specimen to be found. The problem with this is, most historical sharks were not measured in water. When hoisted up by the tail to be measured the weight of the shark causes the body to stretch and can give a false length. More modern measurements are made on live sharks stretched out on the deck of a research vessel. These measurements are more accurate as they are made on living animals.

Weight can also be a problem. Questions need to be asked about was the sharks stomach full at the time of measurement? Was it a pregnant female? Was it breeding season and had the shark stopped eating? For dead sharks the time out of water and amount of desiccation needs to be factored in.

So, answering the question of what Great White was the largest, brings with it a few problems. In following posts, I will address some of the largest Great White Sharks known from history. I will also look at local records from New York and New Jersey waters.

I often am asked how large a Great White can be. I hope to answer this question in following posts.