The Lake Takanassee Tigers

Special Report

The Lake Takanassee Tigers

During the early years of the 20th Century the Asbury Park Fishing Club would gather every summer for a two-week period to fish for large sharks dubbed Takanassee Tigers.

In the July 16, 1916 Edition of the New York Sun an article documents this annual event just after the horrible attacks of that same year.
The article documents a two-week period from 1916 when members of the club gathered to catch large blue-nosed sharks. Blue-nosed sharks from this time periods almost certainly refers to Bull Sharks and the descriptions of the catches supports this thesis.

John E. Clayton caught a large blue-nose after a 93-minute fight. It weighed 142 lbs. and was measured at 6’6” in length. Its girth was recorded at 3’.
The night before Clayton’s catch, Frank G. Ernst caught a shark of “similar species” with a weight of 134 lbs. It was 6’11” in length with a girth of 2’10”.

Also caught that night was a 155lb., 7’, 3 1/2’ shark by Henry Beringer.
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Asbury Park Press August 17, 1915
Asbury Park Press September 2, 1915
Asbury Park Press September 20, 1915