The New Jersey Shark Attack File

The New Jersey Shark Attack file was established in 1998 to investigate all possible incidents of shark attack within the waters of New Jersey. Due to the close proximity and similar habitat with Long Island the file was expanded in 2017 to include all attacks in New York waters.

The current area of study is the New York Bight that runs from Cape May, New Jersey to Montauk, New York. Rivers, bays, and estuaries from the areas are included in the reporting area. Also included are freshwater bodies of water and aquariums.

The purpose of the file is to place all available data on shark attacks in one useful form to aid in the prevention of future incidents.

When possible the species of the shark involved will be determined.
All known details of the incident along with primary sources for the information are included.

The New Jersey Shark Attack file shares its information with other scientific organizations including the International Shark Attack File and Global Shark Attack File.

Several incidents uncovered are now included in the above mentioned files.
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